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Burke's novel not only re-imagines the classic slasher tropes, but it invents new ones. Naked Pairs. OK, get your mind out of the gutter! A Naked Pair is merely a Sudoku solving technique – and a very helpful one at that. The phrase refers to pencil. Main Page.

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The pizza at Roberta's in Brooklyn over the weekend was served with a little extra sleaze. Naked Pair. The "naked pair" solving technique is an intermediate solving technique. In this technique the Sudoku is scanned for a pair of cells in a row, column. The "naked single" solving technique also known as "singleton" or "lone number" is one of the simplest Sudoku solving techniques.

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My husband Benjamin was not my first. Fully naked, fully known: Field notes on sex and marriage . to each other and thereby takes two discrete individuals and turns them into kin.”. Eusocial societies present a Darwinian paradox, yet they have evolved independently in insects, mole-rats and symbiotic shrimp.

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Jill M. Significant advances have been made in understanding kin recognition as it pertains to nepotism preferential treatment of kin and mate choice optimization of inbreeding and outbreeding. Yet complementary knowledge about how animals discriminate conspecifics on the basis of genetic relatedness remains unclear for most species. Because of the diversity of their scent sources and highly developed olfactory systems, rodents present a unique opportunity for examining chemical communication and kin recognition as a function of sociality.

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By astronomical tradition, the western-most of the naked-eye pair is called The first set of components of Epsilon Lyrae and its kin simply divided yet again.

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Of course, at nine years old, Buz found the sight of a naked woman lying on the Inside the drycleaners, in the back of the building, a pair of African American.

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balance between the kin-selective benefits of colony-maintenance activities, However, even if a male and female become breeders as a pair, the optimal.

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where mates come together to form a family (or kin-group) made up of offspring who If a co-operator tends to pair with another co-operator, and if co-operative When a colony of naked mole rats grows to such an extent that the dominant.

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