5 Steps Everyday Healthy Shine Despite that Face Without Make-up

The Korean women often present with a face that looks without makeup while traveling. Their skin also looks very smooth and shiny. Apparently, the woman from the State Ginseng continue to use make-up, only use a thin and using certain tricks. Makeup technique is performed using a foundation and the highlighter are blended in a thin layer to produce a healthy glow face like without makeup. But if it is not too fond of using makeup, you can still get a healthy face and gleaming natural to do these five things.

1. Use Moisturizer
An expert from New York dermatologist Dennis Gross suggests adding nutrients that can brighten the face of the deep. He recommends to choose a moisturizer containing vitamin C and D because it has a high antioxidant, which protects the skin from sun exposure and prevent the signs of aging. Not only that, also select a moisturizer that contains vitamin A to accelerate skin regeneration and skin radiates a healthy glow.

2. Do Scrubbing
Exfoliate the skin with a scrubbing helpful to regenerate and release the dead skin cells causes dry skin and dull. Do it regularly, twice a week in order to unclog the pores can be lifted.

Skin beauty experts from America, Joanna Vargas also gives tips on skin exfoliation using natural mask that can be made at home. Simply by mashing a few grains of strawberries until smooth, then apply to the entire face evenly and let stand for 20 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. If done regularly, the color of your face will look brighter and radiant.

3. Use Facial Oil
Facial Oil is a skin care products as its main content of argan oil or jojoba useful to provide softness, kelembababan and suppleness to the skin. Although the form of oil, facial oil will not make the skin feel oily and clog pores and cause acne because the texture is the same as serum but in higher concentrations.

Facial oil generally packaged in small bottles measuring 10 to 15 ml per bottle and is equipped with a dropper. David Colber, anti-aging dermatological experts advise to use a facial oil as much as two to three drops every night before bed. The result will be more radiant skin and look fresh the next morning.

4. Consumption of Vegetable Juice
Caring for a healthy and glowing skin will not be perfect result if not offset by eating fruits and vegetables is healthy. Try to consume leaves of kale were blended to get vitamin C is proven to maintain skin elasticity.

Besides other green vegetables like parsley, kale, mustard greens and spinach contain vitamin K powerful tackle skin inflammation. Joanna Vargas, who also has a beauty salon, said vegetable juice helps maintain freshness and contain the green pigment chlorophyll which is believed to help the circulation of blood.

5. Exercise
This is the most important part to get healthy skin glow. Besides aiming to health, exercise is also beneficial to get rid of toxins in the body through sweat. Choose the sport that can be carried out in accordance with the condition of the body, such as running, swimming or yoga regularly three to four times a week.