Where Does Wholesale River Rock Come From

Where does wholesale river rock come from?

Where does wholesale river rock come from? I don’t think this is a common question but it is one to ponder in the wholesale stone market. There are people who live for the love of natural stone and the beauty that the natural areas has to offer. These wonderful people sell Wholesale Stone to retail outlets.

Lets say your going to do some landscaping and you want to use natural stone in the garden beds. Where would you go to buy such a product? In many communities across the USA there are stone yards where stone is sold to the public. Nurseries, and Stone yards are the main outlets where a person could buy River Rock.

What is river rock you may ask? River Rock is any smoothed rock that was harvested from a stream bed or river. These rocks are smooth because of the action of water over them and they are called Boulders when they are larger than a basketball. River Rock Boulders are sometimes catagorized as one man or two man boulders. Fist sized river rocks are called ( Slicks ). Sometimes flat pancake like river rocks are found and sold these are called ( Flats ).

Tennessee River Rock is generally tan in color with some variations. In a yard of River Rock you may find some darker or lighter tan as well as a mix of other slightly hued colors. The average of all of the colors will generally be a tan.

Xeriscapes are popular in todays landscaping trends and River Rock plays a huge roll in making this landscaping trend possible. When you make a xeriscape you need natural stone to replace the mulch as a covering in the beds. The stone of choice is River Rock for Xeriscaping. Using River Rock in your Xeriscape makes your mind think of water or a waterway when you approach the landscape. This effect is very pleasing and tranquil so it is preferred for xeriscapes.

Nurseries and Rock Yards will buy River Rock in Cages mounted to pallets so the look is of a pile of rocks from a distance. The pallets make transporting the rock possible since it would fall all over if not on a pallet.

River rock comes from rivers and streams so it gives the look of a river or stream. You can find river rock in most communities at Plant Nurseries or Rock Yards. River Rock from Tennessee generally comes in a tan and has a range of sizes. Modern landscapes use River Rock to give the representation of water for a tranquil experience in the landscape. I hope you find River Rock a welcome addition to your landscape.