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Hair Loss With Tamoxifen Knowing The Reasons Why Tamoxifen Causes Hair Loss

There are some medications that can cause hair loss as a side effect. This side effect has physical and emotional effects on the body. While the damage may be predominantly physical, its effects can go beyond that. People place so much value on physical appearance, especially the hair. It is a reflection of beauty and other aesthetic purposes. Anything that causes hair loss is indeed a concern to many. Hence, people are always keen on discovering why certain medications cause hair loss or alopecia.

Use of Tamoxifen

A popular anti-cancer drug called Tamoxifen is known for causing hair loss as a side effect. Tamoxifen is a drug used in treating breast cancer. It is an important chemotherapy or anti-cancer medication that kills the cancer cells.

It is important to note that most breast cancer cases happen on women. Ladies are especially concerned about looks and the appearance of their hair. This means that more women have to suffer with Tamoxifens hair loss effect.

Why is there hair loss with Tamoxifen?

Anti-cancer drugs work by detecting cancer cells and killing them. The mechanism by which the drug detects these cancer cells in the body is by looking for the rapidly multiplying cells. Rapid proliferation and division of cells is a distinguishing characteristic of cancer cells from normal cells. However, there are other normal cells in the body that have rapid multiplication and growth. This includes the hair follicles, the cells responsible for hair growth. Anti-cancer cells like Tamoxifen cannot distinguish this cell from the cancer cells so they also attack the hair cells. This is the mechanism why Tamoxifen cause hair loss.

How can you cope up with hair loss with Tamoxifen?

1. Wig  The wig can serve as a cover for the head to hide the balding process associated with Tamoxifen use. This decreases the worries of seeing your hair grow thinner.

2. Shave head short  Shorter locks will be easier to lose than longer and thicker ones. It is easier and less shocking to look at short strands of hair goes down the shower or come tangled in your combs.

3. Hair accessories like hats and scarves  These can be attractive and trendy hair accessories that could make it easier to accept and cope with hair loss.